Services & Insurance

Complete oral exam:  Dr. Yoon believes that any goal that you want to achieve needs to start with a thorough exam of your head and neck areas.  After he is satisfied with the findings, he will address your concerns and give you appropriate options for your dental treatment. 

Sedation dentistry:  Haven't been to a dentist because your palm starts sweating just thinking of dental office?  Dr. Yoon can prescribe a mild sedative so your visit can be as comfortable as possible.  He can also administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) if you'd like. 

Cosmetic dentistry:  Not happy with your smile?  Your teeth are too stained?  Just can't stand those ugly silver fillings in your mouth?  Dr. Yoon has had extensive training and experience on aesthetic dentistry to deliver happy results to countless patients.

Implant dentistry:  If you have a missing tooth or a loose denture and want a solution, Dr. Yoon has the answer for you.  He can place dental implants as well as restore them, which is very convenient and reassuring.

Root Canal Therapy:  Are you suffering from extreme sensitivity from hot and cold?  Nagging throbbing in the tooth when chewing?  Heard horror stories about the dreaded "root canal?"  Dr. Yoon can quickly ease the pain and help you feel much better with painless root canal therapy. 

Digital x-ray:  Are you afraid that you'd start glowing in the dark after visiting a dental office?  No problem!  Dr. Yoon uses digital x-ray sensors to reduce your radiation exposure by 90%, compared to the traditional way.

Infection control:  We are all very concerned about your safety.  Every member of our staff is trained on the most recent infection control techniques and technology to ensure your comfort and safety.

Finances:  We know that the times are tough for many families now.  This is why Dr. Yoon participates with most dental insurances to help you make the best decision for your dental health.